How is it Soluble?

All things are either lipophilic / aquaphobic or lipophobic / aquaphilic (or sometimes both) - If the chemical likes oil, cooking in oil is necessary before we can absorb it. Many foods have a combination of lipophilic and lipophobic nutrients.

Lipo = Lipids / Fats

Aqueous = Water

Philic = Loving

Phobic = Fear

Absorption isn’t straight forward

Tumeric’s absorption is increased 100%+ from presence of black pepper, CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) absorption is increased by drinking grapefruit juice along with it (watch out for certain drugs which are also impacted by grapefruit juice), absorption is increased through certain ways of cooking for some nutrients and broken down by others.

I do not want to ingest or put these on my body. They screw with your body - Duh. Read the back of everything. I buy organic whenever I can (although including non-organic fruits and veggies in diet outweighs the negative impacts of residue). however, that does not guarantee zero cross contamination, miss labeling, etc, so I wash most everything (see video below 1:10 salt water solution)

Preservatives, dyes, pesticides, etc

Plastic water bottles have micro plastic from the manufacturing processes. All of them. I prefer glass or steel water bottles with Berkey filtered water (or other approved water source). Filters have very different abilities to filter different toxins and are actually worse if not replaced.


Do not microwave under any condition! Do not leave in the sun, or in your hot car (leaching will occur). There are some cans and plastic containers that say BPA free.

Plastics & Styrofoam

Many chemicals which enter our bodies (through food, air, or skin) can be traced through testing. Your “body burden” is the amount of chemical build up in your body at a particular point in time. Lipophilic chemicals tend to stay in our bodies longer because they are stored in fat cells. Stop using all things chemical - body products, shower products, cleaning products, non-organic foods, perfumes, laundry detergent, hand soaps

Body Burden