Clean Products

You are what you eat (and what you surround your body in)... and so is the planet.  I continue to research the ingredients from a thousand products for myself - hopefully I can save you some time.

We can either give our hard earned dollars to companies with criminal records or to companies which are really doing good for the world (or at least not harming it).   What I look for:  Information on total ethical practices of the company (ex. Better World Shopping Guide, ingredients, amount of plastic or non-recyclable packaging.  Finding the products and converting is the hardest part. 

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Zyflamend combines multiple natural anti-inflammatories such as green tea extract, tumeric, and holy basil

I love Chandrika!

I love Chandrika!


My favorite little moment is opening a new bar of this soap.  I am obsessed with it.  

No plastic packaging!  All natural oils. 



Moringa trees (also known as a drumstick or horseradish tree) have been called the miracle tree. Their leaves are spicy and packed with vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and antioxidants. The seeds have been used to purify water in countries with no access to potable water.

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Bragg’s - Nutritional Yeast & Apple Cider Vinegar

Bragg has a whole line of health products which seem to be highly regarded. I always have the apple cider vinegar (with active yeast culture) for salads and the nutritional yeast as a ‘cheesy’ flavoring (for vitamin B12)