Healthy Practices

Your body is a highly complex machine and health is your most precious gift.

Note: I refuse to use the word "super food". It's getting annoying.

 Tea and mushroom extract collection 

Tea and mushroom extract collection 

Tea and Mushrooms in the morning

I add medicinal mushroom extract into my coffee (Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps ... or I'm trying Chaga coffee next).   More on mushrooms. 

I consume as much green tea as possible followed by white and black teas (they are all from the same plant and mostly differences in the preparation process with the amount of oxidation)

Favorites (white to green to black):  white rose, sencha, matcha, gemaicha, oolong, twig kukicha, bancha hojicha, puerh, 

Herbal teas:  rooibos,  echinacea, lavender & chamomile, ginger,  tulsi holy basil

Approved Brands (many are rated on the "Better World Shopping Guide")


crazy colored fruits & veggies

Right: Dragon Fruit (Red) !

I support eating anything this colorful.  The magenta is shocking (and stains everything).  You can find these at some grocery stores where other tropical fruit like mangoes hang out.  I saw them all over Thailand. 


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