My Food Philosophy - Jentarian

I refuse to let my food intake be governed by nonsensical or overly absolute rule systems. Food is both a great pleasure and a great factor in health. Below is my current (flexible) rule system …


Flexible Scenario-based Rules:

  • Whenever possible, I order the vegetarian or vegan option.

  • If I’m somewhere special or my friends have cooked for me, I accept the experience

  • I really avoid beef, pork, lamb, baby animals, etc with more stringent exceptions

  • Try to understand source - bad farming and fishing practices are prevalent, labels easily fool the public

  • Add more veggies or broccoli to everything

  • Eat alot less of: processed anything, sugars/simple sugars such as soda, starches, potatoes, fried anything

  • Avoid: pesticides, plastics, preservatives (read the back of everything), artificial sugars, charred anything

  • Barrier to entry / ease of access use is critical

  • Just don’t buy stuff

Learning how to be a Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, whatever-atarian

Black Beans.jpg

Beans & Rice

Good thing I love black/red beans and rice. Don’t forget that black beans need rice to make a complete protein. Other complete proteins include quinoa, hemp, nut butters, and tempeh/tofu.


Tempeh and Tofu

Can be really tasty (or done really poorly)

  • Tempeh - Slice into 1/2 in or thinner slabs and pan fry. Absorbs whatever sauce you put it in (such as sesame soy ginger)

  • Tofu - Steam with stir fry, pan fry (I like firm cooked in ginger garlic and Tamari)

Mushroom shishito.jpg

More Mushrooms & Veggies

I make alot of stir frys at home and when I’m out to eat, I always add some kind of veggie or ask to switch to dark greens.

Jenna Toast.jpg

My “go to”

Fast, easy, tasty, and healthy are all key

Semi-sweet toast:

  • Ezekiel bread (toasted)

  • Jelly - Elderberry

  • Almond butter, walnut butter, pecan butter

  • Hemp seed, flax seed

  • Walnuts and pecans (toasted)

  • Cacao & cacao nibs

  • Banana or other fruit

Nutritional Yeast.jpg

Vegan Awesome Stuff

Vitamin B12 source, tastes a little like cheese.

Milk alternative.jpg

milk alternatives

I really love almond, soy, and oat milk. Only some of them are totally preservative free (read the labels). I don’t like the packaging problem however. Whenever possible, I substitute dairy products for non-animal products.